East Sarajevo – Jahorina

Jahorina is one of the most beautiful and famous mountains in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Back in 1984, Jahorina was one of the stages of the Winter Olympic Games held in Sarajevo in February. The rich history that is nurtured and promoted, upgraded with the most modern ski infrastructure, has placed this Olympic mountain at the very top of ski destinations in the wider region and a large part of Europe. It is an unavoidable destination on the map of fans of snow and winter sports, so it is visited by up to 265,000 skiers during the winter season.

With the highest peak Ogorjelica located at 1916m above sea level, this mountain is located at the junction of cold continental and warm Mediterranean climate. This mighty mountain of the Dinaric mountain massif has a very favorable climate with beautiful spring and summer, during which it is covered with green grass and a variety of medicinal herbs. Of the plants, there are beech, fir, spruce, maple, as well as large spacious pastures and meadows. Such a climate provides excellent conditions for athletes, as well as for all others who want to enjoy the untouched gifts of magnificent nature and the intoxicating scent of the forest and its fruits. Thus, Jahorina, with its rich offer, unselfishly offers visitors leisure and rest for all the senses 365 days a year.

East Sarajevo is the nearest city. Jahorina is 31 km away from the international airport. The distance of Jahorina from Belgrade is 320 km, Banja Luka 210 km, Podgorica 260 km, Zagreb 400 km and Ljubljana 540 km. More information about Jahorina can be found at www.oc-jahorina.com